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Many recipes for mayonnaise are popular as one of the best sauces. It has become nutritious and delicious. However, mayonnaise became very less usage in salads. Why is it sometimes necessary to prepare light salads for the festive table NON-MAYONNAISE SALADS? What are its benefits? Consider.

First of all, this sauce is very tight. Mayonnaise contains chicken or quail eggs and sugar, but most importantly, its base is vegetable oil. Although sunflower is a more useful olive – in any case, it is fatty; it contains a large number of calories.

Second, when it comes to storing mayonnaise, it contains preservatives and natural ingredients. Cook this sauce by all the rules in the long run.

Third, many mothers use this sauce for their children because it contains raw egg and vinegar. Besides, mayonnaise is very fat and negatively impacts the digestion of sensitive children.



What can you make salads without mayonnaise at the festive table, to make guests happy, and the hostess accepting their affection? First of all, all kinds of vegetable oils: inexpensive sunflower, very useful olive or corn. Although these foods are also caloric with mayonnaise, they are very beneficial and have a beneficial effect on digestion and are not a cause of gravity. Guests can appreciate the lightness by tasting delicious salads to the festive table without mayonnaise.

It is based on vegetable oils that make up other dressings: they contain mustard (in the form of powder or nuts), vinegar, spicy herbs (for example, provinces). A big plus is that the hostess is given a free field for creativity. Often, wine, apple, or wine vinegar, soy sauce is added to such sauces.

Also, you should not put aside products like sour cream or yogurt: seasoned with herbs, they can play a successful batch in almost any salad. These products can be “disguised” so that guests do not notice that the dish contains such a useful yogurt instead of fat mayonnaise. Often, soy sauce and herbs will use for such purposes.



Making of Low fat, healthy salads on any basis. In these sections, we will look into all kinds of such recipes. First, let’s talk about how you can prepare vegetable salads without mayonnaise on the festive table. Often it base on these salads are cabbage: colored, white or Chinese.

A green salad, which has a composition of your favorite vegetables such as cabbage, radish, cucumber, tomatoes, green onions, and dill – is always a winning choice.  All ingredients should mix with vegetable oil, preferably seasoned with olive oil. For a tantalizing taste, you can add a little apple cider vinegar. Such a salad is not only a lovely, lightly cold snack but also a dish that is perfect for hot stuff like meat or chicken, grilled on the grill or baked in the oven.



Do not forget about Korean cuisine. For example, give a recipe for cauliflower in Korean. For cooking, cabbage, fresh or frozen (which must be pre-melted) is essential. Sweet pepper, good red (so it is “smart” to be found in a salad), and a small carrot – this product requires 400 grams, made from vegetables.

One teaspoon red, Half teaspoon red, clove garlic, vinegar extract, Two teaspoons, one teaspoon cilantro, five tablespoons whole vegetable oil, one tablespoon of sugar and salt – an additional Use of 400 ml of water, ground pepper.

Cabbage is divided into inflorescence and pour brine. Preparation as follows: water, vegetable oil, sugar, and salt mixture, brought to a boil. Add a little chilled brine and cabbage to the chopped chilies, carrots, and rest of the ingredients (garlic through a press). Before serving, let salad stir for 6 hours.



Everyone knows the vinaigrette – but another version of the mayonnaise salad. It is also suitable for a festive table, in a slightly modify form: if you remove the potatoes from it and add canned small corn cobs instead. Besides, the beet should marinate with vinegar and Dijon mustard and vinegar (1 tablespoon of mustard and 2-3 vinegar, apple) for one medium beetroot.

Try serving it in the evening the beetroot which cooks in a gentle way (should be cut to the core) and the  into a festive dish with its serving. Decorate it with greenery; this dish is sure to delight guests.



Salads without mayonnaise on the festive table, which include chicken – more satisfying, but lower in calories. Explore many recipes. Perhaps the most popular of these dishes is the Caesar salad. There are many options for this dish, so beloved by modern homemakers. We will disassemble, such as how to dive into the already habitual mixture and surprise visitors with it.

First, the chicken. It has to be fry traditionally. We offer pre-marinated in red wine with the addition of red and pepper. Two hours is enough for the meat to soak – fry, usually. Also, the chicken can marinate in soy sauce. Another quest: It is not cut into cubes as usual, but fry in small pieces in a grill pan. When serving, spread on top of a pretty main salad

The filing also means a lot. For variety, serve Caesar Barques: put a lettuce leaf on the bottom of the bowl, and then the main ingredients are mixes with cherry tomatoes, egg slices (see more beautiful quail), olives. To make little chicken crunchy from more wheat bread. All Parmesan cheese or sprinkle some other hard cheese on it.

It is a sauce with sour cream, mustard, and spices. You can pour the salad already served with the sauce from the chicken frying. Some mistresses use mustard and olive oil.



Salads without mayonnaise are countless on the festive table with chicken. Any hostess can quickly come up with his own. For example, a light, unusual salad chicken and avocado. For its preparation, you will need chicken fillet, 200 grams, avocado, and a slice of sweet pepper (preferably red or yellow). Ingredients should  cut with the following sauce, fill the next sauce: one teaspoon of honey, half a teaspoon of honey, orange juice in a total of 3-4 teaspoons, salt to taste in vegetable oil.

This salad is simply the basis of making all kinds of flavor combinations super-superficial, all based on the imagination of the cook.



Seafood has become denser in our lives. They prefer to use food and love it for purpose and a small number of calories. Let’s analyze recipes for salads without mayonnaise on a festive table using seafood.

These products are perfect with avocado. Here is one of these recipes. To make the salad, you need 300 grams of cooked shrimp, avocado, and fresh cucumber (just enough). Ingredients chop, mix and season with olive oil sauce, garlic salt, and soy sauce (to taste).

Another recipe is a combination of seafood and fresh vegetables. 450 g, tomatoes (3 slices), Bulgarian pepper (2 slices), half a lemon, and juice of olive oil – to prepare frozen seafood mixture in a standard package. For cooking, it is necessary to boil and fresh seafood, add the remaining ingredients and season with sauce.


Many mothers use this sauce for their children because it contains raw egg and vinegar. Besides, mayonnaise is very fat and negatively impacts the digestion of sensitive children so, It has become nutritious and delicious using and getting BENEFITS OF NON-MAYONNAISE SALADS Guests can appreciate by tasting these delicious salads

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